Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adventures in Haiti, Part I

On Saturday, February 22, we flew out of Miami after 11am and arrived in Port Au Prince after 1pm. We were greeted by a Hatian band playing loud, lively music and continued down a long hallway to immigration.

Grabbing our luggage and putting them on carts proved to be a little chaotic, sweaty, and challenging. We had at least 25 bags between the 17 of us, each bag around 50lb, so around 1000 lbs all together. 
Then came the challenge of getting through customs in which they could ask to search all of our bags. Thank the Lord, we saw His hand at work when they only searched a few of our bags and sent us on our way, no fees, no confiscation of bags!

There was so much to see on our 5 hour drive to Les Cayes that my eyes were glued to the window and only exhaustion and the dark night made me close my eyes to rest. 
Our ride.
Market and more tents on the side of the road.
There are people in Port Au Prince still living in tents, 4 years after the earthquake.
Texaco and incredibly beautiful mountains in the background.
Just relaxing in a couple tires!
There were so many homes on the sides of the mountain. 

My bunk bed
El Shaddai Ministries International

The scenery around where we stayed was incredibly beautiful. We were up on a mountain top and could see the surrounding mountains and beautiful farmlands all around. We laughed as the sounds of rooster, donkey, sheep, goat, dogs, and car alarms punctuated our devotions and singing morning and evening. We did not laugh much when this rooster and its rooster friends woke us up multiple times in the morning.

Where we ate our wonderfully prepared meals.


  1. You would have been an asset to the team even without your medical skills- great pictures to document the journey!!


  2. Thanks for taking us to Haiti through your pictures! Looking forward to future posts about the trip!