Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adventures in Haiti, Part 4: Port Salut

On Thursday we went to Port Salut, which was an hours drive away up and down a mountain. It was market day and so we had a lot of tight squeezes in our school bus on the narrow roads filled with people.

 The views we'd catch of the ocean would send us flying to the bus windows to take photos of the beautiful waters and old fishing boats that dotted the sandy coast.

 Below is the school, Bon Berge, where we had medical clinic. Most of the students had gone away for holiday, but we still had many local families and children come for medical care. The teachers were so gracious and allowed us into their home to use their toilet and provided toilet paper, which none of us took for granted there.

The "Pharmacy"
 Connor (in the photo below) and I were in charge of Scabies washes that day. They'd bring in the children and we'd soak paper towels in the wash and wash down each child, then sending them to another teammate, Lia, and sometimes helping them pick out new clothes and underwear. It was a transformation as the girls traded out their usually worn, faded clothes and put on the colorful dresses and headbands that had been made for them. It was a lot of fun to see their faces after Lia would take their photo and show it to them.

 These girls were each so unique and beautiful and it was fun taking their photos, seeing the different personalities through their smiles.

These girls were absolutely adorable. Such perfect little faces!

The special treat was going to the beach for about 20 minutes! It was gorgeous. Pictures do not do it justice.

Little naked boy ran just across the beach just as I was taking this photo!

This was such an incredible view and it was even better from in the ocean
Not long after this picture was  taken, I joined the other ladies in the ocean, scrubs and all! It was heavenly. I could have stayed in that ocean for hours.

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