Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adventures in Haiti, Part 2: Cavillion

On Sunday, we went to the Church Bon Berge in Les Cayes and were led in worship with the familiar songs "Wonderful Merciful Savior" and "Holy Holy" (Worthy is the Lamb) being sung in Creole. I couldn't stop the tears from coming as I was struck by the beauty of our Savior, who isn't just the God of the U.S. believers, but who is the God over all nations. He is being worshiped in countless languages today. I look forward to the days in which we will get to worship with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world, in Heaven.
We went to the evening service at the Cambry Church where the children from the Cambry Orphanage attend.
  On Monday we went to Cavillion Orphange not far from where we stayed.
Living space for the children.

Triage table and the pavilion where the doctors saw patients.

Beautiful mountain scenery all around us.

The school of Cavillion
 I was able to assist with Triage and Judin helped me interpret. He is from Haiti but now lives in Canada most of the year, coming back once or twice a year. With his experience I hardly had to ask the patient's questions before he knew exactly what to ask next in Creole. I was thankful, but felt a little silly and inadequate not knowing any basic Creole. I kept thinking he must think I am pretty useless, but he never treated me that way. Instead he acted grateful for my presence and told me he hoped that I'd be back and that maybe we'd see each other again next year.
Triage and Photographing the Orphans for sponsorship.
Ted praying with one of the men.

Waiting their turn for a scabies wash, new clothes, and to see the doctor.
Does he not have the most beautiful eyes and smile?

One of my favorite pictures. She was so sweet. One of my first friends from the week.

They are all cute, but he was the cutest littlest boy!
Sweet Judlynne

Draining an infected knee wound. Bravest girl I know took on the pain without any pain relievers.

This little toddler would just wander around doing his own thing!
Proud of his drawing!
   These kids literally have so little, that to give them anything means so much to them. They went crazy over the stickers and bubbles we gave them. Before I left I wrote my name on Judlynne's paper she had colored that day and I pointed to it and her bright, beautiful smile light up her entire face. I stuck my duck tape "name tag" on the little boy in the yellow shirt and he gave me this big smile. I'm thankful to hear that their health has improved so much and that they are finally getting more beans to supplement their rice diet. After this day the Haiti children found a big place in my heart.

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