Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vander Maas Family Photos

There was much laughter and climbing of rocks and trees (apparently nowadays you can't climb trees in a park... according a certain park ranger) which made this photo shoot fun and unique!
I forget who suggested the pyramid but they must have read my mind, because I secretly wanted this to happen!
What a beautiful family!
From the oldest to the youngest!


 Love all the faces here. 
  This is when everyone got creative on their own and excited to have their photos taken. I love when that happens.


God has truly blessed this family to make them a blessing to so many people around them, including my husband and I! Grateful for their friendship and a chance to spend time with them as a family.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

From the Top of the Met

We spent last Friday night enjoying this view from the Top of the Met.
Only the best baseball stadium in the my humble opinion.
The beautiful, delicious cake the Bride's mother made! 
 My husband's favorite appetizer. Bacon-lover.
 Oh! Who is that lovely lady? 
  The couple of the night! Congratulations friends, in your new adventure in marriage!

 The views at sunset were just breathtakingly beautiful.
  This would be the only reason why I would want to live on the 42nd floor. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Magda's Baby Shower

Saturday the 17th, family and friends gathered to celebrate the coming of Magda and Galen's first baby. I'd been crafting for this gender neutral baby shower for probably 4 months or more. My husband could tell you I spent many hours on Pinterest or in my craft room in preparation. I was THAT excited to celebrate the 1st baby of a friend I've known for a good part of my life. I'm even more excited to meet this little one in less than 2 months!

My lovely friend and co-hostess! She did a lovely job with the pom-poms.

I just love these paper straws!

Aren't those napkins just beautiful? Amanda did an amazing job at making them.

Magda was made to stay in the guest room until the preparations were complete. Now for the reveal!

We couldn't be happier for you!

Friends for life. (photo credits to Galen Jackson for this one)

They will most definitely have bald babies!