Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventures in Haiti, Part 3: Savanne

The Church in Savanne is a place with an incredible story of revival. But I will have to share that story another time.
In Savanne I met Jessica, a shy and sweet 17 year-old, as I was working triage.
She began to tell me more than just her physical symptoms. At first I didn't connect with what she was saying and wasn't sure what to do with the information she was sharing with me. I was wondering if I should send her on her way to the doctors, but then, through my translator Ezekiel and our team leader Ted, I learned that her parents had died in the earthquake of 2010 and their bodies may not have been found. She lived with her grandma, but something had happened so that now she was on her own living with friends. She wants to go to Church but feels she can't because she only has the 1 skirt that she now wears, and no Sunday clothes to wear. She asks that I pray for her heart and for her to be able to go to school next year, because she hasn't been able to. School costs and she has not been in a few years and it is seemingly impossible for her to go without a lot of assistance.
After I finish praying, I tell her that I will get her connected with the Pastor of the Church to make sure she can get the help she needs and make sure she gets the clothes she needs to come to Church. The interpreter tells me she is crying, so I just stand there rubbing her back. I don't know this kind of grief but when we meet as a team that night and there are so many other needs shared one after another, I weep for her loss and for others who have lost so much, who have experienced so many forms of injustice.
Pray with me for those in Haiti like Jessica who may have a physical need, but ultimately need the comfort, hope and love that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can offer. I pray that God would work in Jessica's heart and the hearts of the men, women and children we met, that they would have seen God's love for them through the time we had with them.

One of two stop lights I saw in Haiti (the only one I saw working)

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