Saturday, November 16, 2013


I will be going to Haiti February 21-March 1 for a week-long medical mission trip with a team from Chicago and a few other Churches in the States!
The goal of our medical team is the continuation of building relationships and "cultivating vision", encouraging and providing assistance to the ongoing ministry of El Shaddai Ministries International. It will be an opportunity to see the growth of the Church in Haiti and contribute to it's work there. The hope is that we'd be spiritually encouraged and challenged, and develop a vision and passion for the work of missions. 
My team will see children, teachers, staff, house mothers, and people of all ages in the community. We may see anywhere from 600-950 patients during the entire week. I could be doing anything from giving children scabies and lice wash to asking patient's their medical history and assessing their needs, handing out medications as prescribed, helping with medical procedures and always praying. My team and I will desperately need your prayers as we prepare for this medical trip.
Praise the Lord, I got approved for time off from work!
And I just bought my tickets today from STL to Miami to Haiti and back! 

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