Friday, June 13, 2014

Good-bye 90's Phone

My husband thinks I hate technology, but I really don't. In fact I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, although my 90's slide, non-smart phone may give you that impression. Yet the only reason why I really "hate" technology is because of how I find myself misusing it and the outcomes of that misuse.

Some of the reasons why I (personally) dislike technology and have held off on getting a smart phone for so long (and by technology my husband mostly means smart phones and computers):
-It's a super easy way to waste hours of my day...I jump on the computer and all of a sudden 10 minutes turns into 1 hour.
-It keeps me from actually being active and doing things. I can "pin" ideas all day long, but what's the point if I never will actually bake or create the things I want to do or travel to the places I want to see.
-I can make it a substitute to having personal interactions with live people. Instead of catching up on the phone or via skype I find myself reading their blog or their fb page, but feeling like I've missed out on something important that comes with a live conversation.
-It keeps me from fully engaging with people... for instance, if I'm grabbing coffee with a friend and I'm checking in on my phone to text another friend or checking my facebook or instagram real quick, then it gives the impression to my friend that they don't deserve my full attention or are not as important or as interesting as what is happening on facebook.
-I start to believe that my friends are having a better time than I am and I begin to covet and be envious of their travels, adventures, happiness, home, clothes, food, drinks, friendships, etc.
-Facebook and Instagram ( and this blog) become places where I begin look for affirmation. Because I only want to post things that will get 100 likes or loves and a ton of comments so whether or not it's a real picture of what my life looks like or how I'm feeling most of the time, at least I look like I've got it all together.
-When I begin spending more and more time on websites like Pinterest, I begin to want and to buy into the lies of materialism--that I'd be more happy if my home looked like the ones in the photos or if I dressed a little more trendy.

I know there is good in technology- it reflects God's creativity because he gave humans the ability to make these intricate machines. When I don't distort the good things about technology, I am able to enjoy so much about it, so I write this as a reminder to myself to examine my heart and to be careful of how I use technology. I need to keep my mind engaged so I can discern what is good and what might be harmful.

All of that to say... I am getting a smart phone. Finally. So good-bye 90's phone. It's been nice. I'm excited to be able to (hopefully!) communicate better with my friends, since about 99% are ahead of me with the times. I also might be able to take better selfies (jk), but really, I'm looking forward to the camera aspect of it... and not getting lost as much. And the husband will be glad that I no longer will have to steal his phone to do all of the above. I guess if none of the above changes, I could always trade my smart phone back in for the 90's one... if they still exist at that point.


  1. Love this. Such a good reminder to examine our hearts because sin is always sneaking in around the peripheries. Thanks for your honesty - I'm sure this post rings true for everyone!

  2. Joanna!! This is so funny! I actually got my first smart phone a few days after you wrote this blog because my 90's slider phone finally just stopped working! I agree with all of the above! I have definitely enjoyed the GPS aspect, as I'm ALWAYS getting lost! Also, Joe will stop making fun of me for printing out google map directions before I leave the house every other day.