Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mandazis and Chai = Kenya

There are certain smells, flavors, and sounds that remind me of Kenya. As I was thinking about this, I suddenly had a craving for mandazis. So I made mandazis for breakfast this morning! They are warm and deliciously fried Kenyan donuts we'd buy for less than a quarter on the street.
Bubbling in the oil.

Crispier than they make them in Kenya... but this was just my first time.
It's been forever since I've had Chai Tea, Kenya style. Loose leaf tea loaded with plenty of milk and sugar.
A great combo! Brings back so many sweet memories of Kenya. Just missing the Black Current Fanta that we have only ever had in Kenya and is probably the best Fanta in existence (I'm not exaggerating).
Kenya team 2009 with our heart-shaped mandazis. (I need to work on the shape of my mandazi's too.)

Next up... chapatis and maybe even green grams (although Adam will definitely be skipping the green grams)!

I found this recipe for mandazi's at:

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