Thursday, June 11, 2009

God Loves People More Than Anything

Last Saturday we went to the Shuname Shelter, home to 20 girls and 2 boys. Purity and Carol are the house moms and are in their early 20's. They are incredible women of great faith and wisdom. I can't wait to learn more from them this year. When we arrived in the afternoon, I hugged the girls and immediately Nancy and Millicent wanted me to sing "Better is One Day" with them. Winifred (7years) grabbed my hand and she remembered me from last year. We played some frisbee and I helped Truphena with English homework. Acted crazy and sang with the girls to some Marymary I had brought over. I can tell the girls are more comfortable around me and are more open. please pray that God might use me to be an encouragement to them in this time of their lives and that I might be Christ's love to them. There is a new girl, Jackilyne, who came from Kibera 3 months ago. Please also pray for that new transition for her. We ended our time with them by singing praise songs in English and Swahili (I "danced"/swayed with Sarah and one of the other girls :) and prayed.

Sunday was a great time of worship. Met some more of the girls (met a Joan!) and helped lead a few songs during worship.

Monday we were out at the property again, digging holes for fences and trees that will be planted someday. It was a great time getting to know the Kenyan team more.

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Kibera to help in the school. Tuesday morning I got to go to the Kitchen to help make chapati and clean dishes! It was something I'd never done before, and so much fun. They told me I was a good chapati maker (thanks to my practice back home...sort of) and that they looked "smart". They said that if they could, they would adopt me. It was happy. Working in the kitchen was tiring and it made me appreciate those women even more. They spoke little English, but I learned about their children and where they were from. In the afternoon I helped Vera, a 3rd grader who is so sweet, but has learning and hearing problems, with her math work. I'm just praying that God might provide some sort of hearing aid for her sometime in her future. Wednesday I sang songs with the little kids in Cecilia's class and tried to help with some of their work. Wednesday afternoon we had a time of worship with the Kenyan staff and our team. Lydia our team leader arrived TUesday night, so she was with us Wednesday!

Today we went to the property and dug more holes and started digging a pit latrine! yay. It was fun. Pastor brought a boom box and we got to listen to DC Talk, Caedmons Call, Nickel Creek. It was pretty awesome. We learned many new swahili phrases from Carol, Purity, Wycliffe, and James. I got to talk alot with Carol and get to know her a bit more, which was cool. Pray for her as she pursues music and song writing. She hopes to record sometime this year.

Prayer requests: My teammate Grace has a chest infection-pray for her complete healing.
Continuted unity for our team and that we might get to know the Kenya team better as well.
Relationships to continue to be built with the kids and staff.
Praise that God is showing me new things everyday. Good health and safety.

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